Make up artist specialised in special effects for the last couple of years, I'm based near Paris, which by no means prevents me from, if need be, working in province. Intervening primarily in cinema, I am, however, capable of treating any type of demand, taking into account any specific requirements (technical, budgetary, scenic, graphic charter, etc…) of each project, thus allowing me to offer my services for various events, cinema, theatre, photography…

However, my preference remains largely centred on FX (wounds, creatures, visual effects…).

Precision : Even though my preference is centred on FX, I am always available to intervene on film sets for simpler and more natural make-up (foundation…).

On this site you will find many photographs of my work, personal or professional, divided into four categories:

News: Most recent work completed.

FX : My creations in the domain of special effects

Moulding and Sculpture: Photographs of sculptures, moulds and other related work...

Fashion and Beauty: Photographs of make-up, fashion shows and related events...

Whatever your projects, whatever your ideas, just contact me and I’ll find the solution you’re looking for!

See you soon!

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