Addition of photos of the film set of " Faut que ça danse  ", directed by Noémie Lvovsky and produced by Why Not with, amongst others in the cast distribution Jean-Pierre Marielle, Sabine Azéma and Valéria Bruni Tedeschi... Coming soon, in FX category, I will be adding shots of make-up carried out on two of the Apocalypse Riders during the making of this film. In the mean time (Central photo of Jean-Claude Lother):



Addition of photos of make-up and prostheses for the 16 mm shooting of “Amélie's Matrix” in the FX category.


Addition of a photo of a fake eye with the optic nerve and muscles in the Sculptures and Moulds category.


Addition of photos of a hunchbacked medieval peasant in the FX category.


The running of the FX make-up stand at Starday 3 which took place in Paris, next to the expert TOM SAVINI in person, make-up artist for Zombie and Day of the dead by Romero, Friday the 13 th , etc… (from left to right: my assistants Marlène and Alexandra, Tom Savini and myself).


Addition of a photo of myself next to the famous artist H.R.GIGER (designer for Alien, Species…).